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Contribution d'origine par : Fred ,


No Sound from Internal Speakers or Headphone


One day while playing music the sound stopped working.  Nothing coming out of headphone jack or internal speakers.  However, sound still works through Bluetooth.  I’ve tried all of the software related fixes already (kill coreaudiod, reset PRAM, reset SMC, check for mute, etc) - none of them worked.  The OS seems to recognize when the headphone is plugged in and when it’s not and it shows the appropriate option under the SoundPrefs.

1) Are there any other software related tests or fixes ''can try?''

2) Does the fact that sound works under Bluetooth mean that the sound chip is basically working?

3) Could it be the amplifier that drives the speakers and headphones?  If so is that replaceable?  Is the whole “sound card” replaceable or repairable on this model?



MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Late 2013