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Contribution d'origine par : andrew ,


Dark spot on camera



Today I was taking a picture at a white background and I noticed this dark shape on my camera. I thought that it was dust or something on my lens and cleaned it carefully with some cotton and some cleaning substance for lens and they looked clean with no scratch or anything. When I opened the camera app again, the spot was still there. I never dropped my phone in water or anything. I dropped it from like 40cm on its face, but it's been like a month since then and i checked my old photos. The spot wasn't present.

Definitely it's something in there. When i zoom in, the spot gets bigger. When i zoom out, it immediately disappears, no matter the zoom out value under 1. Also, in portrait mode the spot isn't visible.

What can it be? A friend of mine told me that it can be a software problem but i doubt…

Thank you!



iPhone 12 Pro