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Asus Zenbook UX510UX possible dead li-ion and CMOS battery?


Hello all, I come to this amazing forum since I couldn’t find answers for my problem myself. The laptop is actually model UX510UX, not UX303U, I selected that as there was no option for my model.

Some weeks ago the laptop suddenly started hard shutting down whenever the battery percentage would reach 40%, and stopped booting when disconnected from charger, would only reboot when connected. The battery won’t charge (Windows displays “0% - charging”) and using a battery health tool, in a few days the health percentage went from 70% to 24% and now it’s back again at 56%, so I don’t think that’s valid information.

I already tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, and pressing power button for some time to perform a reset, but to no avail. Also the date and time don’t refresh when the computer is off so that makes me think it’s also a CMOS/kts battery problem.

I contacted Asus support asking where to find the CMOS/kts battery inside the laptop and of course they couldn’t help me, I tried looking for it but it doesn’t seem to be placed on the external part of the board where it would be visible. I don’t really want to dismantle the whole thing and potentially messing up only to not find the battery anyways.

From your experience, could it be possible that the cmos/kts battery is inside the li-ion battery case, maybe that battery is also dead too, so replacing that will solve everything? Or what other solutions would you recommend trying?

Thanks in advance.


Asus ZenBook UX303U