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Contribution d'origine par : Derek G ,


Chromebook won't boot after replacing the touch screen. (Model below)


I am not sure if this is a generic Chromebook issue, a managed Chromebook issue, a Lenovo specific issue, or a Lenovo N24/300e specific issue.[br]

I am a school district IT Admin, we have hundreds of Google Managed Lenovo N24/300e Chromebooks.[br]

In an attempt to take two broken devices and turn them into one working device. Device A (broken screen), Device B (broken other stuff), into Device AB. I tried to replace a broken screen (touch) on Device A with the one from Device B. The screen worked fine on Device B prior, however once I swapped, I could not get anything to display on Device A.[br]

I then took the broken screen originally on Device A, and tried it on Device B, however I got the same black screen, no display. In an effort to make sure, that I wasn’t just completely messed up, I then put the screens back on their original device, and both booted up just fine. This leads me to believe that there is some sort of a hardware ID fault that occurs when replacing screens(touch screens), on these devices, or maybe Chromebooks in general for security reasons.[br]

I am wondering if this is a known issue, if there are reset procedures I need to follow, or if anyone has any other advice.[br]

Thank you,