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Contribution d'origine par : Peter Chleboun ,


Battery charge level not changing after replacement.


I decided to replace the battery in my Lenovo android tablet.  I obtained one through Amazon and carefully installed  it.  It seemed to work fine, but the charge level never seemed to change from 57%  if it was in use or on charge.   Eventually  it just died and I could not get any response from my tablet (even on charge).

I replaced the battery with my original one and that is now behaving in the same way - but permanently  showing 50%.

Yes it was working fine before (though needed recharging every couple of hours).

And yes I have done a factory reset- still saying 50%

I have cleaned and carefully checked the battery contacts, and ensured the connector is fully engaged.

Any suggestions?

Most googling comes up suggesting the micro USB port is faulty - but this would not explain why the level indicator does not go down from 50% when in use!


Lenovo TB-8504F