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Contribution d'origine par : Ted Dively ,


I just successfully cloned via ASR a Mac Mini Server Core 2 Duo box with a working 10.6.8 installation to a brand new Mac Mini Server i7 machine without a hitch, while the i7 model was booted into target disk mode and connected to the older machine. The new Mac Mini Server boots right up into MOSXS 10.6.8, and runs like a champ. The one thing I did do before cloning was repartition the disk to remove the Lion recovery data, then I enabled a RAID mirror on it and set the AutoRebuild key to true. I'm currently scrunching the pre-installed Lion Server volume into a disk image to be saved for possible future use, after which, I'll repartition that disk and add it to the RAID volume on the 10.6.8 disk.