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DO NOT send it in. (Unless you don’t know what your doing, in that case send it to a reputable shop.)

Very simple yet complex fix, take the console apart, order replacement fan, (Unless once again, you know what your doing and can splice/ and or tap in to wires, which I replaced mine with a Noctua NF-12 Redux 1700. Works great.) order a OEM fan from Amazon. Replace it. You’ll have to remove the Hard Drive (In this case WD Blue 1 Terabyte) from its place. After removing it should expose the 4 pin connector. Remove the fan by moving the clips, and then lift the fan from its long time resting place. Clip the other one on, connect it to the connector, reassemble. I’ll link some videos related to it.

Hope it works out for you, if you can’t do any of this most you can do is buy a can of compressed air and dust it. Here’s the links:


Fan replacement:

If you wish to change it, some good thermal paste: