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Contribution d'origine par : jerry ,


I have done approximately 200 iphone4 repairs..the entire digitizer /lcd unit..I have tried very unsuccessfully on about 25 of the damaged units to remove the LCD..I have tried various methods..from heat to razor knives..and even a chemical bond breaking agent..nothing worked..I didnt do this to reuse the Lcd..I wanted to test the rumour that it could be done..I have discoved that it cannot be done, and is not worth the effort to is so much simpler to replace the entire unit..there is no risk of cutting your fingers with glass shards either..they are very painful..btw...and the entire unit on Ebay can be had for about 40 bucks..not alot for what you want..just make sure you follow the instructions closely and carefully..and put the screws in the order you took them out..there are 26 to be removed after all..and all different sizes..take your time and this is just about an hours work for an experienced tech..or 2 hours for a first timer..good luck..