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***Laptop starts overheating***

Laptop overheating is most [link||common laptops problem] now a days. After a more extended period, this is one of the most prevalent challenges associated with many laptop users. Overheating is one issue that may wreak havoc on your laptop's performance, resulting in system crashes and freezes. Overheating may be a result of their small size or a lack of airflow. In addition, excessive dust might clog air vents, preventing your system from receiving cold air to cool down.


Cleaning the air vents with a smooth cloth or a keyboard cleaner will cure the overheating problem. Place a piece of filtered cloth over the inhaling vent to avoid further dust blockage. Place it away from the exhaust vent, as this is where the hot air escapes fast.

If it doesn't work, update your system's BIOS, which controls the hardware on your laptop. For heat management, most laptop manufacturers provide an installation file for upgrading BIOS files automatically. When upgrading the BIOS, keep in mind that your laptop must be connected to the power source.