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Contribution d'origine par : JRF ,


asle - THANK YOU for your comment...

I had been 100% successful... until now - the ribbon cable is intimidating to me...

I had it all connected (still disassembled) and tested the screen and it all worked... then - in the space of 3 inches - the cable snapped and the screen went white / then black... all the while iTunes was blindly playing random selections of "BTO" and I couldn't make it stop - volume and off buttons weren't working... was abysmal.

Now I'm petrified that the white screen (that went black) means I've fried something...

...I feel bad.

Any suggestions to encourage the idea of going back to the pit?

I've ordered a new ribbon cable - should I be ordering anything else?

Help...  this is my "golf" - my stress relief - my things go right 'cuz I fixed it "thing"...

Did I just blow the whole dang thing?