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The less technical way to get your drums off.

Undo the big bolt in the centre of the drum, (its very tight)  release the handbrake, make ure your wheels are chocked first, pull off the rubber gaiter on the handbrake lever, using a deep 10 mm socket, seriously loosen the nut on the interior adjuter, dont take nut off completely, dont replace yet, as when you've done your brake, yo need to re tighten this.

Get a hammer and carefully hit the sides of the brake drum, not in same place, but all round drum, except the top.  a bit of patience and a fair bit of wiggling it should come off.  NB. this way of doing it, there is a SMALL risk of damaging the wheel bearing. To get around this problem, instead of undoing the big bolt in centre of wheel drum, you could undo the four bolts on the rear of the backing plate and remove the drum along with the hub.  Beware when changing the brake sahoes, the automatic adjusters can be a nightmare, they are a very bad esign, and ford should be ashamed of them!.