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Contribution d'origine par : Larry ,


I just did my 2005 ford focus and what a $!^&#!!! This set up was different than any other drum I have worked on. There is infact 4 bolts that keep the housing together. I wasted about 2 hours pulling and beating on this thing. You need a 13m socket to pull the 4 bolts, and one of the 4 is a super pain in the &!@ because the brake line prevents you from getting a nice clean shot at it. If you are like me, and do not have the luxuary of nice lift, you need a good jack for sure. The key is to get the car high off the ground to allow good work space behind the drum. I had to pull the brake line to get to that 1 tricky bolt, and luckily thats one simple nut thats very easy to get to. After pulling the 4 bolts the %^#! thing slides right off. Now keep in mind the bolts hit a pattern and this thing will only go back on one way. So be very mindfull when you go to put the @%!!@ back on, you need to hit the holes on the pattern perfect. I also found that putting this thing back together was a pain!!! Im guessing because the new after market shoes are a bit thicker than the stock ones. So I had to fight the new shoes + hitting the bolt pattern perfect to put it back together. Providing I had this info Im guessing I could have banged this out in about 1 hr per side. Im hoping this proves helpful for the next guy!!!! Good luck, and NEVER pay out of pocket for something you can easily get done yourself!!