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Contribution d'origine par : Steve Parkhurst ,


All, Thanks for the feedback I appreciate the kind words.


At this point I would disassemble the phone completely, primarily remove the front assembly and motherboard.  Let the phone sit for 5-10 min, then reassemble.  While you are waiting read through the teardown for your phone and familiarize yourself with the connections, but here is how I would reassemble:

1.  Place the motherboard in with something propping it up off of the battery connections.

2.  Connect the LCD, Digitizer and ear speaker(cables 1, 2, and 3)

3.  Connect the On/off ribbon cable and the GPS antenna Cables 5 and 6.

4.  Remove the object propping up your phone and set the motherboard on the battery connection install the screw holding it down on the battery.

5.  Connect the Charging dock and Wi-Fi antenna(3Gs only) (cables 4 and 7)

When the phone boots up normally, shut it down properly, remove the front assembly and install the rest of your screws.

Try this a few times and if it still doesn't work I would say the ribbon cable needs to be addressed.

Hope this helps!