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The only reason that I can think of as to why a Mac (of any kind) wouldn't power up is due to a wrong part--or piece of that part--being the wrong size or having the wrong connector. A replacement piece for a Mac must be IDENTICAL in every way, shape, form, and physical build to the old piece.

I'll give you an example: the sound card in PowerBook G4. While they are all identical in physical size, the physical differences are the placement of Torx screw holes that hold the card in place AND the size of the connector that that the TrackPad cable connects to. If the TrackPad cable itself cannot properly connect to the head found on the sound card, the PowerBook will not boot up.

When you installed the new logic board, did you find ANYTHING different when compared to the old logic board? Were any of the connectors different?

Let me know when you get a chance. Good luck!