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Contribution d'origine par : djmadcracker ,


I had the same problem.. if you look closely at the plate it's isolated from the metal with plastic. so it connects that little pad on the right side to the upper left part of the frame (wifi part of the frame) I myself lost that metal piece because as I took it out it flew. I thought it was junk metal. and next day low and behold my WW-DRT 150% router was 5 feet away yet I had only 1 bar. strange..  to fix this I took a single strand of copper wire from some 22 guage wire and solder it to that pad (tiny - don't do this if you don't know how to solder). then when reassembling it I wrapped it around the screw making sure not to touch any other metal except that long screw. it works! I have 4 bars a good 50 ft away from my router now