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Contribution d'origine par : Jake Devincenzi ,


Hey Shellie,

So first, a little background info on water damage. When liquid gets inside a device, it does not damage it. The problems occur when power runs through the logic board. If any of the water bridges some of the traces on the logic board, it may cause the logic board to shirt circuit, effectively frying the entire device.

Since your device was running while soaked, it sounds like the logic board was probably fried, especially since it turned off on its own and does not respond to being plugged in. Unfortunately, this means that in order to fix your device, you will probably need to [guide|3143|replace the logic board]. Before doing that, though, I would recommend just taking it in to an Apple store and seeing if they might replace it. They replaced a MacBook Pro logic board for me one time after I spilled liquid on it and effectively fried it.

Hope this helps! Good luck!