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Replacing the MAC power supply - You Can Do It!!

therussman555 -

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Power Supply Replacement

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2133 and 2210 Power Supply Replacement

30 minutes - 1 heure


Mon problème

One day my faithful iMAC shut down and wouldn't turn back on. A co-worker, who used to be a Mac Genius said that the power supply might have gone down. For some reason, I held on to that and thought that would be the case.

I didn't want to give my machine to the Apple store or any other place for 5 days so I figured I'd go on line and find a How-To site. That's when I came across the iFixIt video for my machine on You Tube. I followed the links there to the site and read what I could.

All I needed were two suction cups a Torx tool kit. Got those at Home Depot, and bought the Power Supply from iFixIt.

Ma solution

Taking the MAC apart was exactly like how the video said it would be. There were no surprises. I took my time unscrewing everything and unplugging the necessary wires. I used matching colored paper clips to mark some wires.

Once I got the new power supply in, I just slowly followed the directions backward making sure I plugged everyone thing back in, and used the right screws. Some how I lost one screw, but I don't think it will matter in the long run.

The hardest part of the process was putting the front case back on, but with patience and care I got it on and put the glass panel back on.

I plugged it in and waited for the moment of truth and "BOOM" - it came back to life.

Sure it's slow, and my IOs is outdated and I can't run Chrome on it and I just got a message from Firefox saying it no longer supports my operating system - but I have my files back. And I don't have to haul my work laptop all around with me. Great site here, thanks for the help.

Mon conseil

It's dusty in there! You should get a can of air to blow the years of dust out of there.

I'd also get some containers or trays or something to separate and hold all of the screws you're going to have. Even if you make trays out of a piece of paper. Label the screws so you know which ones go where.

When you get the part, it will most likely look different from the one you pulled out. Don't panic. ALSO - there will be paper/plastic tape wrapped around some of the components - don't pull it off. Leave it on.

Take your time plugging things back in (and pulling them apart) and screwing things back in. You don't want anything to break. Things usually click or have some kind of way to let you know they're connected right. Look for markings and for the sound.

I'm not a handyman or tech gifted, just rustled up a little confidence and got it done. If I can do it, then anyone can do it.

Image iMac Intel 20" 2.0/2.4 GHz EMC 2133 Power Supply
iMac Intel 20" 2.0/2.4 GHz EMC 2133 Power Supply


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