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IPhone Screen Repair and Replace Battery

joelnelson -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

15 minutes - 1 heure


Mon problème

I slipped getting out of my pickup and landed directly onto my Iphone. This shattered the screen. I was also having trouble with the battery keeping a charge for more than a few hours. Decided if I needed a new screen that I might as well replace the battery as well.

Ma solution

The repair was a little frustrating. This is the second screen I have purchased from Ifixit so I already new how to replace the screen. I went through all the steps, replaced the screen and replaced the battery. Went to turn on the unit and nothing worked! Thinking I did something wrong I removed all the screws holding the everything together and did the process a second time--same results--nothing worked! I then decided to charge the battery overnight and see if that cured the problem. Again--no luck!! Once again I cracked open the phone and replaced my new battery with the old battery that I just removed. And then the phone worked! I had received a faulty new battery from Ifixit. I called the 800 number for customer service and no PROBLEMS. They handled my issue with CLASS and sent me a new battery overnight delivered and I received it next day! Fabulous customer service. Put the new battery in and everything works great now. Way to go--one happy customer!

Mon conseil

Don't worry about doing this yourself. Easy fix!

Image iPhone 5 Replacement Battery
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


Image iPhone 5 Screen
iPhone 5 Screen


Image iPhone 5/5s/SE Bottom Screws
iPhone 5/5s/SE Bottom Screws


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