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Stripped screws on a Macbook pro

Kenneth Moneymaker -

Mon problème

I decided my new Macbook Pro needed a new Solid State Drive. Since I was going to be inside the case anyway I decided to put in a Data Doubler from OWC. A Data Doubler basically is used to replace your optical drive with a hard drive or SSD. The SSD upgrade went off without a hitch. The Data Double not so much. I used the wrong screwdriver to try to get the screws out of the DVD drive and stripped out the heads of two of the screws holding in the drive. I realized I should not have used a screwdriver with replaceable tips. This shank of the screwdriver hits the case of the drive. This causes the screwdriver to be tipped out of the screw head just a little. The screws actually had a little thread locking compound on them that also made the screws hard to remove. This caused me to strip the screws.

Ma solution

The repair went really well. I ordered the screw extractor kit from iFixit, it showed up a couple of days later and with a little pressure and the right screw extractor the screws came out with no problem. I now have a Macbook with a 500GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.

Mon conseil

Use the right tool for the job. I know, your father probably told you this a 1000 times when you were helping rebuild the small block Chevy engine in the garage, but it is also true for electronics repairs. The moral of this story is. Listen to your dad when he talks about tools and always look on iFixit when you need the right tool.

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures, but any of the Macbook Pro guides on this site has tons of great pictures.

Image Phillips #0 Screwdriver
Phillips #0 Screwdriver


Image Phillips #1 Screwdriver
Phillips #1 Screwdriver


Image T4 Torx Screwdriver
T4 Torx Screwdriver


Image Precision Screw Extractor Set
Precision Screw Extractor Set


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