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Surface RT Display Replacemement

markbartels -

Mon problème

Dropped it and glass shattered and digitiser was a bit touchy afterwards.

Ma solution

With the display assembly making part of the main case it was an easy fix once you eventually get the case open.

The plastic cover over the camera has hard to pry off and required a bit of brute force, then one of the final screws is hidden under the tamper seal.

Separating the back cover requires a bit of force, I started at the top then worked down each side.

Instead of taking each component out separately I just removed all the screws which appeared to hold the boards onto the case then lifted out entire assembly and transferred to the new case.

All in all fairly easy, I have no experience in this and that hardest part was opening the case. Took close to am hour to pry open the tablet then another to transfer all components then close up.

Mon conseil

Don't miss the screw under the tamper seal, took me a little to realise and i bent the case a fair bit.

Be careful taking of the back case, partly lift it then unplug ribbon cable attaching battery before completely removing.

Dont diconect all the boards, just undo all the main screws and the two ribbon cables on bottom. The cable in the middle has a small clamp holding it in so dont pull it straight out. Lift all the boards out and slide the USB connector into the left side of display assembly then slide in the audio jack on the other side. Reattach digitiser cable completely and evenly otherwise youll spend a lot of time reopening the case.

I forgot to connect one of the digitisers cables so half the screen doesnt work, cant bring myself to fix it. Too much trouble opening the case first time around.

Image T4 Torx Screwdriver
T4 Torx Screwdriver


Image Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Screen
Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Screen


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