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weylinfairchild -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

iPhone 5 Rear-Facing Camera Replacement

45 minutes - 2 heures


Mon problème

Rear camera on iPhone 5 was stuck at fixed focal length. Wouldn't focus and would often crash when using the camera app to take photos and would not work at all on video.

Ma solution

Probably took 45 minutes to get through it...the first time. After putting it all back together, I had light leakage from the top of the screen. I didn't get the screen assembly cables fully seated and it was putting pressure on the screen. So had to take it apart and repeat the first couple of steps and once all back together, it works great.

Mon conseil

Use tweezers if the flash enclosure is stuck to the case; the new camera already came with the enclosure. Look at the old rear camera and how the cable bends when attached and put back into the phone; other wise it may not fit smoothly. Be sure to check for dust between the camera lens and case (i had a few specks of dust, cured with a Qtip and some canned air)

The flash enclosure you want to make sure you line up that it seats correctly. Mine wanted to move until I put the plate in place the holds the camera and flash in place.

Make sure cables are reseated properly or your screen may show weird colors and you have to take it apart again.

Happy picture taking!

Image iPhone 5 Rear Camera
iPhone 5 Rear Camera


Image iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Screw Set
iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE Screw Set


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