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kindle fire down

dwayne -

Mon problème

My friend brought a kindle fire HD to be repaired .I don"t really like tablets because they are so disposable ,but that is what turned up on my door step.

The digitizer was cracked so a new one was ordered form ebay,that was a bad move .They sent the wrong one!!!! Argggh!!

So then I decided to buy one from Ifixit and that was a great move :)

The repair went very smoothly with the help of your tear down ,and now my friend has a their tablet back.

Thanks Ifixit!!

Ma solution

Smooth !!!!

Mon conseil

Just be patient, and keep track off all of the screws and where they go when you take it apart. That way re-assembly will be pretty stress free.

Image Kindle Fire HD 7" (1st Gen) Screen
Kindle Fire HD 7" (1st Gen) Screen


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