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Kindle HDX 8.9 LCD digitizer repair

chiefa05 -

Mon problème

I had to replace my cracked kindle hdx lcd. I shopped around and some of the local shop recommended to just buy a new one. To replace the lcd the shops wanted $170 up to $200.

Ma solution

I ordered the first lcd from a China company. Good service but too much hassle. I end up ordering the wrong one. I had to send it back, pay for the s/h and a restocking fee but it was my fault. Word of advice, if you are doing your own repair and not sure wich kindle you have open it and verify your cabling and pin count. The Fire 8.9 that I have has the 71 pin. You have to open it to find out. You tube has good tutorial.

Mon conseil

I shopped around to do my own repair and stumble with I fixit. Great costumer service. From the moment I place my order I was getting status updates. The lcd arrived as promise and it was the correct one. Im writing this post from my newly repaired by mua kindle. Also, the lcd was cheapper. Ill recommend ifixit again.

Image Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO, 71-pin Edition) Screen
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO, 71-pin Edition) Screen


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