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In case of Blank screen after assembly

damon sampy -

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement

35 minutes


Mon problème

I was an idiot and didn't have a case, because I liked to look at the gold color of my phone. While working on my Ibook (Yes I still have one of those), my iPhone slipped off of the sofa and a corner hit the floor first. Usually... that's all it takes and I had to order another LCD and digitizer.

Ma solution

The repair was waaaaaayyyy easier than with previous models. There are only a few pieces you need to remove to get to the screen, versus previous models (4-5+ I believe) that required you to disassemble the entire phone just to get to the LCD and digitizer.

Mon conseil

When re-assembling my phone, I thought I did everything correctly, but the phone would not power on. Thought I may have static killed my device at first (lol). But if you connect the front-facing camera and earpiece speaker cable connector, before the home button cable connector, your device will not like you very much and will not turn on. So just follow the steps in the guide and you should be ok.

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