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Recovering an iPod Classic from the Garbage.

Franklin -

iPod Classic

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iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement


Mon problème

I found an iPod Classic 160 gigs once in the garbage—almost two years ago. It was all soaked in water. It didn't work at all.

Ma solution

I searched for how to open the iPod, and I ended up on this website. I followed all the instructions, and took out the motherboard and then I cleaned it with alcohol. And what a surprise when I plugged it in my computer! It worked! But didn't charge the battery, so I got a new battery from iFixit. It worked as intended, but the iPod was still refusing to charge! So I got a new motherboard from iFixit!

And now I cheerfully enjoy my like-brand-new iPod!

Mon conseil

If you are planning to fix something by yourself, research a lot about it! But the risk is worth it when you're able to fix something that was broken! Be proud of what you can do!

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YES! Awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Kay-Kay Clapp - Réponse

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