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Not so bad... well, maybe it was a little tough

Dave -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

1 heure


Mon problème

Coworker had a broken screen. Phone no longer had insurance, so he decided to let me have a try.

Ma solution

iSclack device doesn't seem to like shattered screens, but it was useful to open the phone. I'd like to be able to order stickers for use with the iSclack device, because they seem to love holding onto glass shards making them less than reusable.

The repair was a success.

Mon conseil

I do wish I printed out the full transfer guide, and read through it a few times first. I kind of rushed into it, and later had to spend some extra time sorting which screws belonged where. As an HVAC tech, and before that an automotive tech, I figured the screw inventory should be easy enough to recall. Not so much. I suggest taking a photo or two before you start to remove screws, plates, and connectors. There is little room for the parts as it is, so getting positioning and order wrong could crash an otherwise flawless repair.

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