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Apple Thunderbolt Display Power Supply Replacement (Buzz Kill)

Jon Martinez -

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD Replacement

Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD Replacement

20 minutes


Mon problème

My Apple Thunderbolt Display was buzzing for a couple of years. At first it was slightly annoying, but lately it got really loud, to the point that my wife noticed it walking outside my home office.

Ma solution

I ordered the Apple part number 661-6048 power supply (google it, there are lots of vendors), followed ifixit's instructions and in short order I was buzz free.

Mon conseil

Be very careful with disconnecting the cable inside, use a spudger and squeeze the connectors to release the locking tabs. The locking tabs are hard to see on the circuit boards as they are facing away from your view. Use a right angle or short torx T10 driver to get to the cable connected with a screw.

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