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Microsoft Surface RT Facelift

Lucas Hebert -

Microsoft Surface

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Microsoft Surface Teardown

1 heure


Mon problème

The screen was cracked, so I had a phantom touch in the top corner. I disabled the touch screen for the time being, but had always planned to replace the screen entirely.

Ma solution

It went fairly well! The only thing that didn't work after I was done was the haptic feedback of the Windows symbol which I'm not too concerned about for the time being.

Mon conseil

Definitely make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Look up at least 3 repair videos/tutorials of your repair before you take anything apart. Re-read required tool lists, and don't try and 'MacGyver' anything unless absolutely necessary. Buy quality tools, and you will go far.

Image Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Screen
Microsoft Surface RT (1st Gen) Screen


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