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I scratch my lens

Stephen Frechette -

GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero 4 Black Camera Lens  Replacement

GoPro Hero 4 Black Camera Lens Replacement

1 heure


Mon problème

Unsure how the lens got scratched. While recording there was a huge blur in the center of the screen.

Ma solution

It went well if I could have kept the ribbon to the rear screen plugged in. I had to go back into the GoPro to reattach it. After that everything worked well.

Mon conseil

With this new lens the quality is crystal clear.

Image GoPro Hero4 Lens
GoPro Hero4 Lens


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The lens works very well. Shipped fast with good customer service. If I ever have to replace my lens again I will be using Thx

Stephen Frechette - Réponse

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