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Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Replacement

35 minutes


Mon problème

Cracked screen for my dads friend

Ma solution

Backglass was hard to get underneath but thats my fault j had a crappy sesemo tool. But I didn't scratch it or crack it.

Mon conseil

Best way to do this is start from the top corners with a sesemo opening tool. Stop a quarter inch in and switch to a business card and apply heat as well. Same with the lcd removal just start from the top corner and use a business card on the "LEFT" side because the lcd connector is on the right and if you slide the card on that side you will damaged that cable. I failed to preserve the original lcd that had a cracked glass during the removal but its not the end of the world. I failed because I was impatient if you take your time and are able to save the lcd you can actually make about 30-40 bucks by turning it in to certain vendors. Always rememeber to transfer the bracket by the home button as well to the new screen if you want the button to have that same clicky feel.

Image Galaxy S7 Screen
Galaxy S7 Screen


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