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AMD processor

Louis Charland iii -

Mon problème

It only had a 2.3 and so I bought a 3.0

Ma solution

Well at first I put it in and I turned it on and nothing happened and change it didn’t recognize The new processor so I had to Call into device manager uninstall my processor core just one of them so I had to restart and scan system and then it picked up the new processor running fantastic now

Mon conseil

If you don’t know what you’re doing make sure you Google it and do a lot of research before you touch it

Image AMD Phenom II x4 Desktop Processor
AMD Phenom II x4 Desktop Processor


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I would have to say you guys took my order quick it was it easy process you sent it out very fast and I got the product very fast I want to thank you

Louis Charland iii - Réponse

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