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Everything went Great

Randal Dowd -

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

iPhone 6s Plus Battery Replacement

45 minutes


Mon problème

My battery and performance was awful.

Ma solution

It went good, the repair guide was 99% good

Mon conseil

When opening the phone be sure that as you’re going around the phone that you are going deep enough and lifting the metal chassis up as well that goes around the front part of the phone, one side of mine went smoothly but the other I realize I had warped the metal chassis that surrounds the display, no damage was done and it bent back after reassembling the phone. Also make sure before placing the battery down in the phone that you connect it first and envision the placement based on the connection. I took the guides advice and placed it with a little gap between the bottom and left edge but a little to much, had trouble getting my connection to align. With a little bending slightly of the ribbon cable I was able to get it cocked back enough to connect and I put the bracket back in place. Neither of these was a major issue but I just wish I had known before hand.

Image iPhone 6s Plus Earpiece Speaker
iPhone 6s Plus Earpiece Speaker


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