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Wash-n-Dry iPhone

Rog -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Logic Board Replacement

iPhone 4S Logic Board Replacement

2 heures


Mon problème

I accidentally sent the iPhone through the laundry, full wash and most of the dry cycle—when I heard thumping in the dryer. I first ordered and attempted to replace the battery, and then I saw the motherboard contacts were corroded and some broken. So I ordered a motherboard from the cheapest carrier, since this is a spare device I mainly use for remote control apps and music.

Ma solution

It went well, a little slower than expected. But all functionality worked well after re-assembly.

Mon conseil

The small items around the camera are a bit tricky, and the copper contact piece that touches the back cover once re-assembled is hard to visualize from the guides. Definitely look at this piece before removing it.

When replacing the logic board, getting the 5 ribbons to all align correctly while putting the board in place is a bit tricky as well. Take your time. I waited a few weeks after receiving all the parts until I knew I had a block of time when I could do this uninterrupted.

Image iPhone 4S Logic Board
iPhone 4S Logic Board


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