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First screen replacement

Ben -

Motorola Moto X4

Motorola Moto X4 Screen Replacement

Motorola Moto X4 Screen Replacement

1 heure


Mon problème

I had a screen protector and case but somehow found a way to drop my phone in such a way that it shattered. Used a second screen protector just to be able to use my phone and had to tape it on to keep it in place.

Ma solution

The repair is definitely challenging. I needed to heat the iOpener for a full minute before I got the heat I needed. As the screen was shattered at the top it was harder to remove the glass but eventually I got it off. I think the one filter (speaker I think) got lost as that was where the shattering happened. I was able to get things apart and eventually transferred over. Phone powers on, but fingerprint sensor is unresponsive, so I must have messed something up.

Mon conseil

1. Ifixit needs to have a re-assembly guide for everything. I may have messed up the fingerprint sensor because I didn't "reverse" everything correctly at first and may have damaged a cable. You guys are great at taking things apart and obviously know how to put it back why not make that part of any guides you put out ....and on your YouTube videos. The precut adhesive card should have been mentioned in the guide...a Youtube video by someone else showed when it was supposed to be used. I've learned a lot in doing this and know that if I have to I can do it again BUT PLEASE for first timers please add a "if you need help putting it back together click here" page.

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