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Way to support the little guys!!!!

KeithMelara -

Mon problème

A buddy of mine dropped something on her display. Making it unusable. I have been working on Apple repairs as a hobby and offered to help her out. Save a few hundred bucks on the repair.

Ma solution

I have a few of your repair toolkits already. I was able to get thru the guide for this repair pretty quickly. And then I hit a speed bump lol. The P2 bit that was in my kit did not seem to work on the screws that I needed to remove. But I reached out to iFixit and requested a replacement bit and I also ordered an extractor set just in case. Couple of days later, new bit was delivered and I was able to finish the repair without a hitch.

Mon conseil

To all of you fellow repair techs. Might be helpful to read some of the comments on the guides. Just to check for any hurdles you may encounter.

Image Essential Electronics Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Bundle
Essential Electronics Toolkit + Magnetic Project Mat Bundle


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