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Replacing iPhone 7 battery

Eric Hammond -

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

iPhone 7 Battery Replacement

2 heures


Mon problème

iPhone battery life was about 2 hours. During the Covid 19 restrictions taking it to the Apple store was not possible.

Ma solution

Overall OK. The battery is replaced and has MUCH more life than the old one.

The "iPhone 7 Battery Replacement / Guide ID: 67528" showed use of iOpener that did NOT work: it showed the iOpener laid across the lower front of the phone, which did not warm it at all, I had to wrap it around the iPhone for about 5 minutes to make it work. The instructions also shows using the spudger to open the bottom by working along between the case and display, did not warn to avoid the area around the Home button. After reassembly the Home button does NOT work. Online search returned this is a common problem, the ribbon cable for the button is fragile.

The work around is to activate the "AssistiveTouch" option which emulates the Home button, which is actually pretty good.

Overall I give the repair kit an A+ and the instructions a B-

Mon conseil

Update repair instructions: to apply the iOpener to the top glass and the aluminum base near the home key so the seal gets hot enough to actually open it (NOT easy, but the document says that); to avoid inserting anything close to the Home button in the process of releasing the screen. (maybe the iFixit team can improve that description)

Image iOpener


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