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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Bent Frame

Kyle Wood -

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Screen Replacement

3 heures


Mon problème

Sooooo, my girlfriend accidentally dropped her Surface in class and bent the frame of the laptop. Luckily and, well magically, her screen was not broken. So, obviously this was not a warranty repair situation as this would be under accidental damage and would have cost as much as the laptop to have it repaired through Microsoft or at a store.

Ma solution

I took it upon myself having vast experience with pcs, laptops, and phones. This was closest to an ipad repair if not an iphone repair. The adhesive was EXTREMELY tricky to get around, not with the concern of slicing or breaking anything, but with the sheer strength of the adhesive and the amount that they used. You would think this was permanent adhesive if it wasn't just barely removable. I used my same Wagner heat gun and Ifixit Pro Tech Toolkit that I have used to repair every phone under the sun and many laptops to accomplish the job.

Mon conseil

With this circumstance being very special if got a few recommendations if anyone else is ever in it.

1) Don't drop your laptop

2) Patience is especially important with a job like this because the adhesive alone will exhaust you

3) In the guide when it mentions removing the covers for the display cables on the display, it means on the display. Don't bother the covers on the actual computer.

4) To remove the adhesive around the whole frame (if you haven't already) use a blade (the rectangle ones are best) and go along the frame being careful not to scratch the aluminium or the what I assume are antennas at the top next to the cameras and be careful on the sides next to the speaker grills. Once you find a good angle it will practically cut the adhesive off like butter. I didn't find the sweet spot until like halfway into taking it off. So again be patient.

5) When pending the frame back I simply used pliers and folded a fabric screen cloth and put the cloth between the pliers and the frame in order to reduce the amount of extra damage done to the frame.

6) And this is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP: ----Be Patient---- especially if you are working on someone else's device.

Image Surface Pro 5/6 Adhesive Strips
Surface Pro 5/6 Adhesive Strips


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