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iPad Air 2 battery replacement is REALLY difficult!

RobCow -

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi

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iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Battery Replacement

3 heures

Very difficult

Mon problème

Battery would die within minutes of unplugging it. I was concerned that it might overheat being kept on the charger continuously.

Ma solution

Not well. The screen is unrecognizable. Not sure what happened, or if its fixable.

Identified the problem. The 'iOpener' didn't seem to be loosening the adhesive very well, and I had issues with the picks bending, so I stuck them in a little more, and snagged that little circuit nub and tore it off. DANG!! No way to fix it. Ouch...

Mon conseil

Check the iPad before you start taking it apart. Mine was a cellular model, and the example in the instructions was wifi only, but I trudged on. Maybe take it someplace and have it done? Not sure if this is repairable, and at what cost. iPad sad...

Take your time, and make sure the adhesive is loosening up well. And don't go too deep with the picks. I got frustrated and anxious and smoked my display. An expensive lesson.

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