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iPad 5th Generation - Shattered screen

Chris Roughton -

iPad 5 Wi-Fi

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iPad 5 Teardown

4 heures

Very difficult

Mon problème

My kid dropped the iPad and the digitizer basically shattered.

Ma solution

The longest part of the whole replacement was getting the cracked digitizer off. The instructions are probably really good for a screen that is intact, but when it’s shattered along the edge, you can’t get a good seal with a suction cup, even using tape. Once all the shards were off and the adhesive was scraped, the rest of the repair went about as well as possible, and the instructions were generally very good.

Mon conseil

I struggled with getting the home button re-seated with a new gasket. The instructions were not super clear on how to get the new gasket on and have it re-seated in the digitizer. So, my home button doesn’t really work anymore, but the gestures do so the iPad is still useful.

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