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Fixing my Electro-Harmonix Holystain guitar effect pedal

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Mon problème

I quit playing guitar every day quite a few years ago and at some point my pedalboard caught my eye, so I decided to plug it in and play a little. Sadly I discovered that my beloved weird EHX Holystain fuzz started cracking and popping whenever I engaged the on/off switch and rotated any of the pots.

Ma solution

I had to pry away the knobs using a large flathead on my Victorinox Spirit multitool - perfect instrument for that.

Then I carefully removed all the nuts on all pots, jack input/output and both foot switches trying not to scratch the enclosure with pliers.

After that all you need to do is unscrew the Phillips screws on the back of the pedal and in you go.

Mon conseil

In order to get rid of the crackling I had to spray pots and switches with WD40 contact cleaner (any similar contact cleaning solution will do).

It's a no-brainer with pots - just spray it into the opening in the pot's enclosure.

Things are a little bit complicated with a switch - I had to carefully open it up using a thin flathead screwdriver, spray it and fasten back.

If you don't have a multitool - Pro Tech Toolkit with its extensive selection of screwdrivers, Jimmy and a metal spudger will have you covered.

Image Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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