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Macbook Air 11" Late 2010

mon -

Mon problème

I accidentally spilled a glass of juice over my Macbook Air 11" topcase. It shuts off and won't turn on again. I was so desperate to get my data back. Took it to an Apple Service Centre and they told me that the data is still recoverable but the topcase and the battery has to be replaced. I was told that the cost would be as much as buying a new one. However, they do managed to recover the data, thank God. Now that I got back my MacBook Air, the tricky part is to start it on again. It has to be opened and manually jump started form the logic board. Problem is I do not have the tool to disassemble it. Luckily, I found the Pro Tech Base Toolkit from which only took 3 days to arrive from date of order. That is from US to Dubai! Very quick!

Ma solution

Although my MacBook Air is not fully fixed yet I am so happy that I can start it again by the help of the tool from I am still hoping that I can find the replacement parts so I can fully enjoy my MacBook Air without the hassle of opening the back case.

Mon conseil

Get the right tool and you will be amazed on what you can do more than just staring at your broken device.

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