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iPod Nano Gen 2 battery replacement

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iPod Nano 2nd Generation

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

45 minutes - 2 heures

Very difficult

Mon problème

My iPod Nano is 6 years old and will not hold a charge for about a year now. Decided to replace the battery so I don't have to have it plugged in to use it.

Ma solution

Received the new battery and tools. The screwdriver is fine but the plastic tool to remove the ends broke right away. I used a small screw driver it worked fine. The hardest part of the job was trying to get the solder out of the holes to put in the new wires. I finally heated the solder and inserted a needle to leave a hole. All went fine from there. I have charged it overnight and will play it today non stop to see how long it lasts.

Mon conseil

Hopefully the plastic tools are stronger. I saw one video that showed to use what I think is called desoldering strip. This sucks up the solder and if it clears the holes it would sure make it easier. Other than that it is pretty straight forward. I replaced the battery in my 20 Gig iPod and it went lots smoother.

Image iPod nano (2nd Gen) Battery
iPod nano (2nd Gen) Battery


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