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My Inadvertant New Year's Resolution

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minutes


Mon problème

Right after Christmas, I was in St. Louis at a missions conference. As an exhibitor I was not only on call to be in my booth. I was also filming a movie while there. My iPhone was my link...until I dropped it. And not just "dropped it" anywhere. I dropped it in a toilet. In the middle of the conference week. And it was DEAD.

It seemed my New Year's Resolution was to be unplugged for a while.

Ma solution

The repair started 10.4 seconds after rescuing my phone from the cold water of the toilet. Within minutes of finding a drying solution online, my husband and I were on our way to the nearest grocery store in search of rice. My soggy phone was in a ziplock I had used to transport soaps and other items. After getting the rice, we went in search of silica know, the stuff in those little packets in electronics? Then, my phone sat for four days in isolation.

After waiting four days, it was the end of the conference. I decided to see if my phone would turn on. Lo and behold! It did! At first I thought my problems were over...until it started to restart without any command from me. And wouldn't stay on but for a few seconds. And then...all I would get would be a blinking Apple logo. I put the phone to rest, and started considering other things to do with my brick of an iPhone. Thankfully, the interwebs came to the rescue again! After looking up my iPhone's symptoms, I found out that it was probably a faulty battery. And then I found I could fix it with the help of iFixit. Hooray! I ordered my parts, and proceeded to fix my iPhone last Sunday afternoon.

Opening the case revealed more silica gel stuck inside (surprise, surprise). And the battery looked a little lumpy...maybe? I was interested that of all the things that seemed to be affected by the water, the battery. But I didn't want to complain. I proceeded to squint my way through the repair, straining to see the tiny screws. My husband helped by holding a lamp and the biggest magnifying glass he could find close to my iPhone. Putting the battery connector back on was a little tricky (it likes to bounce around). But other than that, the repair went as smoothly as said online. Within 15 minutes, I replaced the back of my iPhone, and chortled with glee as the battery immediately woke my phone to life. No more being unplugged!

Mon conseil

First off, don't drop your iPhone in water. That will save you the headache of having to do a repair in the first place. But if you do:

1). Rice is your friend! Dry, uncooked rice. Stick your iPhone in a sealed back with the stuff for at least four days.

2). Silica gel is tiny. It will get into every crack and crevice in your iPhone. Rather than sticking the iPhone in a bag directly with the gel, I'd put the gel in an envelope or something else. If I ever have to do this again.

3). Mind what the repair directions say about Apple using too much glue. And be patient with removing your battery. The glue will break, just do it gently.

4). An extra pair of hands to hold a lamp and a magnifying glass is really helpful.

5). Unplugging from your iPhone can actually be an eye-opening experience. As much as my fingers felt twitchy not holding my iPhone at all hours of the day, after a while it felt normal not to be connected. It helped me appreciate the smaller things in life. I'd recommend this to any iPhone power-user...except do it by putting your iPhone in a drawer or some place safe, rather than dropping it in water.

Oh, and I'm sorry I don't have any photos to show you. My camera was my busted iPhone. :)

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iPhone 4 Battery


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