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The true reason my CF modded iPod got errors.

duganbud -

iPod 4th Generation or Photo

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Hard Drive Cable Replacement

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Hard Drive Cable Replacement


Mon problème

The iPod Photo is now a pretty old iPod. Like many classic models, the numerous hard drives in it over the years all failed over given time. I finally figured to try a Compact Flash mod to get it working again. All went smoothly until I tried to get the iPod to restore. It would reboot, go into safe mode, and after 10 seconds, reboot, and repeat the process over and over. I figured it was my CF card since I saw online others had issues with that model, so I tried another card laying around the house. Same issue. After inspecting every part of the iPod, i noticed the hard drive cable had some pins unsolder due to my carelessness of yanking hard drives out and putting new ones in over the years. As soon as I installed the new cable from iFixit, iTunes saw the iPod and restored it. Now instead of a 20gb iPod Photo, it is 32gb and the battery life improved.

Ma solution

It was far from my first time opening the iPod Photo up. Repair was very easy. Just a quick swap of a cable and everything worked well!

Mon conseil

If you are trying the CF mod, be careful pulling the cable from the hard drive out. You still need it for the adapter to connect to the CF card. I got excited when I was able to start this project and not taking the proper steps made it several days longer and a bit more pricey.

Image iPod 4G Hard Drive Cable
iPod 4G Hard Drive Cable


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