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Quick action saved the day, I will be prepared.

Janie Wilson-Cook -

Mon problème

My iPhone 5 was in the pocket of my jeans and after going to the bathroom I was rearranging my clothing and heard a PLOP! I looked down and saw my four month old iPhone 5 upside down in the freshly flushed toilet EEEK!!! I grabbed it quickly and after crying "Oh my God!, Oh my God!" I flew out of the stall, grabbed a paper towel and started spanking the bottom hard into the towel, watching water sprinkle out. I took off the rubber cover and continued to hit it hard on the towel. The executive secretary was placidly washing her hands during these histrionics. When no more liquid came out I ran to a coworker's office and borrowed her hair dryer and, while at my desk, blew hot air into the top and bottom. I watched a YouTube Video of what to do if an iPhone 5 gets wet and he suggested taking it apart and putting the piecs in silica or uncooked rice. I wanted to call Katy my graduate student employee knowing that she would come to work in an hour to bring a cup of rice but I didn't know her number by heart. I messaged her on Facebook. A half hour later a different grad student, Daniel, showed up at my desk holding up a ziplock bage of rice. Saved! I put the iPhone in the rice and wrapped the bag tight around it with a rubber band. I then went to to see what I should do. I watched the instructions, looked at the bottom of the iPhone and was crestfallen to realize the screws were too small for my tools. I ordered the iPhone 5 Pentalobe Screwdriver and put 2nd day air. I waited 2 days with the iPhone in the rice.

Ma solution

When the Screwdriver arrived at home I quickly set up my repair surface. (My husband and I have long repaired Macintoshes for the public and also at my university job.) The screwdriver worked easily on the screws. Then I asked my husband for the straight razor blade. Everything skidded to a stop. He could not find one and it was a raging snow storm outside. He said to charge the phone and see what happens. I stuck the charger in it and after 10 or so minutes it came up and worked! The only difference was a slight light gray mottling on the edge of the white backgrounds. It held the charge and it is working. By the time I change the battery I will have the rest of the proper tools. Then I will change out the screen filament.

Mon conseil

That is an important lesson. When buying a new device and you are the type to do your own repairs, make sure you buy the tools a head of time because if something happens you need them now!

Image P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


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