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How My Husband Broke My iPhone (Yes, we're still married!)

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutes


Mon problème

I was lying in bed, sick. My husband, gallant man that he is, tossed the blanket up over my head. To my surprise, however, I heard a loud crash. Peeking out from the blanket, I saw my husband staring at the desk beside the bed. To my right, the bulletin board on the wall had fallen down, scattering items from the little shelf below. Well, no matter, right?

Except nothing fallen over accounted for the loud crash... and where was the big, heavy, glass penny jar?

That's when I saw the jar, stuck between the desk and the bed. And that's when I saw my iPhone 4G, the back utterly smashed. My poor hubby felt terrible.

Ma solution

Thankfully, I knew just what to do. The next morning I looked up trusty to find parts. Except...THEY WERE OUT OF iPHONE BACKS! I put in my request for notification and started looking at other sources for parts.

Nothing I saw online by any other company seemed to be as quality as the part on So left my phone aside for a week and waited. My hubby continued to feel awful about breaking my iPhone.

After I finally ordered the part, it came within three days! Hooray for ifixit's shipping department! My piece arrived safe and sound in the excellent package, and within five minutes I had it installed. Well...more like fifteen minutes. The THREE plastic shields goofed me up for a moment. Thankfully, my husband got his moment of redemption when he spotted the last shield and removed it for me. Hooray! He might have broke my iPhone, but I couldn't have got the repair done without him.

While waiting for the part, I shared on Facebook that my phone was out of commission until I got the part fixed. A friend of mine suggested I call Apple and find out if my phone was under warranty. "A repair will only cost you $49 if you have it!" he said.

Meh, who needs Apple Care when you can do it yourself for $15? Huzzah for enabling self-repair, ifixit! My friend responded to my "Who needs Apple?" response with, "You are as hardcore as expected." Boo-yeah.

With the repair completed, I have a gloriously Apple-logo-free iPhone and a happy husband. What more can I ask for?

Mon conseil

My only suggestion, aside from "DO THIS REPAIR YOURSELF AND SAVE $$$", is to pay attention to those little plastic shields on the new part. The last one covers the camera lens and it's very small, so small I thought it was actually a part of the back. When trying to install the back, it took a lot to push it down all the way (1st clue) and the screws wouldn't go all the way in (2nd clue). So do yourself a favor and make sure ALL the shields are removed from the new back.

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