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iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Battery Replacement

1 - 3 heures

Very difficult

Mon problème

Weak battery after recharge duration was only 25 min.

Ma solution

It was very easy to open the IPOD. I fallow youtube short movie.

But I had to open the IPOD 3 times.

1. Battery was not charging after installation

2. IPOD need to be cool to use

3. Happy! Happy! Happy! finally. Working great. Charging well.

The contact between the battery and the IPOD need to be perfect. Thin.

Thank you IFIXIT ! For the next battery change I will do the same.

Mon conseil

Heath well with hair dryer before open the IPOD with the tool from IFIXIT. When open the IPOD do it carefully. Do not use tools to open on the camera side. Open slowly. When remove the battery heath before under battery. Not much. Few minutes. After bingo. The connection of the battery need to be very thin.

Good luck !

Image iPod touch (4th Gen) Replacement Battery
iPod touch (4th Gen) Replacement Battery


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