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Potty training 2 year old = phone screen crunched in trunk of hatchback.

christopherjwells -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

1 - 2 heures


Mon problème

In our infinite attempt to praise, reward, and accommodate our 2 year old's whims to poop in private, I managed to leave the Mexican restaurant we were eating at with him, put him in the back of our Subaru, and close the hatchback door. Then I put the phone (playing Spotify) on top of the car while I waited for him to finish the deed. When he was done, in my excitement I opened the hatch and that managed to wedge my phone in the open/close jamb of the hatchback. When I freed it, the screen was absolutely smashed... a lot more than just the glass, too. The whole screen didn't work. I could interact with my phone via Siri, so I got the impression that everything was going well on the inner guts.

Ma solution

It took me a long time since I was too eager to get started so I got started in the kitchen while I was also watching my two little ones (the 2 1/2 year old is the oldest, also an 11-month old). I think total it was probably about 3 hours from start to finish, with interruptions. I also was very, very cautious about just about everything.

I'm happy to report that EVERYTHING works perfectly! I was most nervous about the headphone jack, which I had to remove, and I saw a cable come unglued from it, but that didn't seem to matter.

Mon conseil

If I had to do it all over again, I think I would/could. After doing it once, you generally understand the process and it should go much faster.

I would've loved to get the magnetic project mat, but I couldn't justify the extra cost. Instead, I printed out a table with 37 squares on it and took any notes I had in each square, and I also used a loop of tape attached to the correct square to hold the screws down.

When you lose the screws is when you're taking them off the tape to put them back in, so that's when you have to be extra careful.

Lastly, the iFixit screwdriver seemed to work for me in all cases except one, just always be gentle as you're removing screws. When it didn't work for me was removing the display assembly screw in the corner by the headphone jack.

I had to go ahead and remove the headphone jack in order to get at it. All I really needed to do was remove that one extra screw by the headphone jack and gently wiggle it out. Plan on taking the extra steps in the additional guide referenced in the comments for that step.

Also, I wish the guide called attention to which metal-to-metal parts needed to be cleaned with the Windex, so I just took my best guesses.

Image iPhone 4S Screen
iPhone 4S Screen


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