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Eastern Washington University, Team S1-G2, Carnegie Spring 2018

TCOM 205-01 Group 2

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Mot-clé de l’équipe : EWU-CARNEGIE-S18S1G2

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Audrey Hermann: Some skills I have to offer to this group is an eye for detail. I hope to learn how to effectively communicate with a multitude of people.

Cecilia Morales: I hope to contribute to the group by offering my writing skills and organization skills. I am excited to work as a team to successfully complete this project and to learn more about technical support.

Andy Sommer: Some basic skills I have that will benefit the group is a strong understanding of cooperation. Also, I'm very easy to talk to and can work in any atmosphere.

Nicholas Zellerhoff: Skills I am able to contribute is an understanding of how different things are made and that I am a fix it yourself person. I am excited to work with a group to create a manual for other people to fix their technology themselves.