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Eastern Washington University, Team 2-2, Matresse Spring 2015

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Hello I am Caleb Osborne and I attend Eastern Washington University (EWU) majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in physics. I transferred from a community college called Columbia Basin College and have been attending EWU for two years. I plan on graduating in June of 2016 with a BA and plan to go into the Navy as a Officer. I have worked with creating documents and procedures in my internship for the past few years and will enjoy using my knowledge of document creation for this project. I have fixed small parts on my car but have not done any large scale DIY projects. My knowledge of engineering and physics will be my main support on this project

I am Cody Woodworth, A student at Eastern Washington University. I am currently a freshmen, and plan to Major in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. I'm interested in minoring in Technical Communication, however I am undecided. I plan to graduate in 2019 or 2020. I have a fair amount of experience with DIY and repair of electronics. In my free time I've worked on a few DIY projects, including creating an audio amplifier and building a guitar. I enjoy taking things apart and soldering. I was a member of my engineering/ robotics club in high school where I furthered my knowledge of electronics, learned to code, and gained proficiency with a variety of tools, manufacturing and repair processes. I competed in VEX robotics where I won a few tournament championships. My club competed in FIRST Robotics, including the 2012 First Robotics Challenge World Championship.

I am Hayley Gay. I recently transferred to Eastern Washington University earlier this year from CWU, entering into my sophomore year. I had planned on graduating June 2017, but I may need to stay longer, since a lot of the courses I took at CWU didn’t transfer over. For now, I’m mostly getting pre-requisites out of the way, but I am majoring in Visual Communication Design and contemplating a minor in Theatre. For this iFixit project, I believe I can bring plenty of creativity and a sense of professionalism to the project, since I have experience in design and professional writing in general. However, the most experience I have with DIY projects and troubleshooting has been fixing computer problems – not reassembling anything, but taking care of programs, viruses and malware, etc. I suppose a couple of projects built for science classes in high school count as well, such as model rockets and electrical currents, even though these were built and used years ago. Despite this, I am completely willing to collaborate with my team to find solutions to technical problems and use this experience in my near future, especially since any future design career I take up will have plenty of technology that may be prone to breaking down.